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Creative Writing and Journalism

All-Canadian Hugs
by Jan Beecher
To hug or not to hug - a truly Canadian Conundrum. When a multicultural country like Canada gets intimate, where do their social boundaries lie? Read more
Old World, New School
by Liliana Gaete
International exchange programs can be a different experience for everyone. The pros and cons of an international study experience... Read more
Cowichan Gothic
by Ashley Gaudreault
A Vancouver Island Community pulls together to make gardening and fresh food accessible to everyone... Read more
Keeping the Light On
by Blair Hedley
Living the lighthouse fantastic: a look at how life is different for those who live and work in B.C.'s lighthouses... Read more
Progressions in Porn
by Julie MacManus
The modern, sexually independent woman of today has access to a plethora of sexual imagery. Here is a look at how women have accepted pornography into their lives. Read more
Just a way of life
by Ashley Gaudreault
The life of a farmer takes passion, dedication and downright hard work-not the choice of many young people today. That's what makes John Mellor different. Read more