Colleges & Universities

Teachers' College, UBC, 1963.
 BC Archives I-24342

This section of The Homeroom deals with the history of post-secondary education — in provincial universities, university-colleges, community colleges and institutes — and the historical development of tertiary education systems in British Columbia, generally.

100 Years of Advanced Education, 1901 - 2001
A summary note on higher education and advanced teacher training programmes at UBC, UVic and SFU.

Adult Education
A survey of adult education from the 1860s to the 1990s by Dr. Eric Damer of The University of British Columbia.

Mechanical Engineering at The University of British Columbia
An introduction by Dr. Eric Damer to the history of mechanical engineering at British Columbia's senior university.

British Columbia Institute of Technology
A brief history of "Canada's premier polytechnic institute," compiled from information on the BCIT web site.

Colleges and Institutes
An overview of the history of provincial vocational schools, colleges and institutes from the 1930s to 2009.

Junior Colleges for rural teacher training (proposed 1943)
A plan by Dr. H. B. King, technical adviser to the Minister of Education, to establish junior colleges for teacher training as part of a postwar rehabilitation programme.

The University of British Columbia - The First 100 Years
An historical overview of British Columbia's oldest and largest university, by Dr. Eric Damer of The University of British Columbia.

A comprehensive list of books and scholarly articles dealing with the history of provincial colleges and universities.