DepartSmart for Faculty and Staff

Welcome to DepartSmart. As a faculty or staff member involved in study abroad programs you will need to know not only how the students will be prepared but also what special information you may need to run a safe, organized and effective program.

DepartSmart provides information which will help coordinators and others managing programs to successfully recruit and select students, plan for and better respond to emergencies, and ensure the smooth functioning of your program abroad. If you will be accompanying students abroad, we also provide information on your own travel preparation including health insurance and personal liability issues. We also strongly recommend that you review all the modules in DepartSmart as much of the information provided to students will be useful to you as well.

Canadian Content
DepartSmart has been designed for the Canadian academic context. Wherever possible information from Canadian sources has been used. If you are not a Canadian citizen, DepartSmart still has considerable useful information to offer and links to alternative sources are provided where appropriate.

General Instructions:
Using the left-hand navigation menu, select the modules which you feel are relevant to you and your students. The last module is intended specifically for faculty and staff so be sure and review it. Students will usually complete the modules in a step-by-step fashion working through the information which is applicable to their trip. It is advisable that you also review cover the student modules so you know what your students know about travel safety and preparation.

  •  If you have a question and cannot find the answer, click on the Ask a Question button. This will enable you to send an e-mail to someone at your institution who can answer your question or direct you to other resources.
  • To get a list of all the activities click on the Worksheets/Activities button at the top of the screen.
  • For a comprehensive list of useful travel websites, click on the Resources button.

External links will open in a new window. To return to your DepartSmart module, simply close the browser window of the external website.

Travel to The U.S.A.
If you are travelling to the USA the module For Those Travelling to the U.S. (under Travel Preparation on the left-hand navigation menu) should provide you and your students with all the information you need for travel preparation to the USA, however, you should also use the left-hand navigation menu to view the other DepartSmart modules on Site Specific Risks, Safety, Health and Wellness, Cross-cultural Living, Leaving People Behind, While You're Away, and When You Return.

Going Abroad