Glossary of Terms

Cookies - bits of information which are left on your computer by a website so it can identify you in the future or so that other websites can retrieve information on your web browsing history.

EU - European Union

Exchange Programs - a program of study abroad where students pay tuition, and possibly other fees, to their home institution and then attend a partner institution to take courses or conduct research. Usually, the number of students exchanged between the institutions must be approximately equal over an agreed period of time.

Field trips - short-term trips with a group of students and a faculty member to study some aspects of another culture and/or physical environment. Students often return to campus to complete assignments or take courses related to their experience on the field trip.

A HAZARD is something that is dangerous or likely to cause damage.

Letter of permission programs - A letter of permission enables you to transfer to another institution temporarily and have pre-determined courses credited back to your degree at your home institution.

Mission - A consulate, embassy or high commission.

Power of Attorney - a legal agreement which entitles the person you designate to make decisions or conduct financial transactions on your behalf.

A RISK is a potential incident, activity or situation where your health and safety could be threatened or violated. While abroad you will be in unfamiliar surroundings and will be exposed to risks to your person and possessions.

Semester or year abroad programs - These programs usually have an instructor or coordinator accompany a group of students outside of the country for either a semster or a year. Course instructors are hired by the institution offering the semester or year abroad and that instiution often also arranges accommodation and transportation.

SWAP - Student Work Abroad Programme -

Visa - a document or stamp which indicates the terms of your entry into another country eg., a student visa allows you to enter the country as a student.